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Data Developer Platform

A Data Platform Specification, open for adoption by any data platform developer.

A modern way to run data engineering teams

Data teams are drained from continuously plumbing integrations and fragile pipelines, which leaves little to no time to focus on the real deal - data and data applications. Businesses that have a good grasp on data realise that today data makes the difference between winning and losing the competitive edge. Many data-first organizations understood this long back and dedicated major projects to become data-first.

The likes of Uber, Google, and Airbnb have shown an inspiring discipline around data. But what does data-first mean? As the name suggests, it is putting data and data-powered decisions first while de-prioritising everything else, either through abstractions or delegation to intelligent design architectures. However, replicating data-first organisations that took years to develop their platforms customised to their own data stacks is not the solution since their stacks were and are catered to their specific internal architectures.

A data-first stack is only truly data-first if it is built in accordance with your internal infrastructure. Therefore, we have the Data Developer Platform infrastructure specification, established and rolled out specifically for the data domain with strong inspiration from the well-proven and acclaimed Internal Developer Platform spec. We have tried to mirror the site structure as much as possible so readers can easily correlate the fundamentals.‍

What is DDP?

What is IDP?

Who should read the Data Developer Platform site?

The data developer platform specification has been made with the ideology "of the people, by the people, for the people." In other words, it is made by data developers and engineers for data developers and engineers and undoubtedly belongs to the lot. It is entirely open for development and improvement with the aid and influence of fresh technology.‍

How to contribute to the Data Developer Platform?

We are always looking to improve and innovate the specification by taking into account valuable suggestions and inputs from the community. For any recommendations, feel free to reach out to us at